The word zeolite comes from the Greek words ZEO ( to boil) and LITHOS (stone), which in translation means the stone which boils.

Its structure consists of a crystal lattice whose skeleton consists of tetrahedrons of SiO4 and AlO4, between which hollows and canals have formed the size of 0,4µm filled with linked ions K +, Na +, Ca ++. Thanks to its structure zeolite act as a sponge, therefore has the strong power of adsorption, high cation exchange capacity.

In medical purposes, strictly crystal zeolite clinoptilolite is used.

Zeolite clinoptilolite can give medically useful effects only if it is activated, regardless of the physical-chemical characteristics which it possesses in its natural form.

In order for clinoptilolite to be used for human consumption, the following conditions must be met:

  • The granulation should be as fine as possible and is measured in µm i nm. The granulation of our products is less than 1µm to 20µm maximum high cation exchange capacity – beneficial effects on the human body have zeolites whose cation exchange capacity is over 150meq / 100gr. zeolite. Our products have a cation exchange capacity over 180meq / 100gr. zeolite, which is at the top of the highest quality in the world.
  • A high percentage of clinoptilolite up to 95%- the percentage of clinoptilolite varies from one location to another. In nature, there are over 200 types of zeolite. The highest quality is Cuban and Japanese with 95% clinoptilolite. Zeolites which can be found in Serbia at various locations are very good. Our products contain 90-95% clinoptilolite, Which is the very top of world quality.
  • Milled vs. Micronized Zeolite
    When zeolite rocks are “milled”, they are ground to powder. This is normally taking place at the mine and it the cheaper way to create the powder. The problem with the milling process is that it crushes the zeolite cage structure rendering the zeolite un-absorbable in the body and largely ineffective for human consumption. “Micronization” is the only way to make powdered zeolite and maintain the benefits of the cage structure.
  • The micronization process is an expensive quality control. When faced with the choice of milling the zeolite at the mine or shipping it out to a specialty micronization plant, many zeolite companies choose to mill the zeolite. All Zeo Complete zeolite is micronized with the strictest quality controls and highest standards for human consumption.

Due to its outstanding characteristics and healing power zeolite was named “magic stone” in Japan and “stone of lifein Greece.

Thus, as described zeolite has a specific ability to suck in toxic substances from our body in its three-dimensional crystal structure consisting of interconnected cavities. From the least to the most dangerous ones such as heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic …) and radioactive particles.

Zeolite is useful to the digestive system too. It stimulates digestion and can help in the prevention of diarrhea caused by a large amount of ammonia in the intestine. This mineral absorbs harmful nitrates and nitrites (which are found in industrially processed foods in order to preserve their freshness and appearance).

By eliminating harmful substances it provides healthy functionality and stronger immunity for the body. On that list widespread herbicide, pesticide, nicotine, alcohol, as well as free radicals should be pointed out.

Zeolite clinoptilolite is a completely natural substance that is fully removed from the body. You cannot overdose nor does it cause any unwanted side effects. When ingested it works actively 4-6 hours.